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By Aprille Ricafranca, Jul 16 2015 10:45PM

These are questions that I have been asked about hiring a make-up artist and wanted to share my thoughts on the subject matter.

Q: I can just go to the make-up counter and get my make-up done. Why hire a make-up artist?

A: It's true. You definitely can just go to the closest make-up counter and get your make-up done. But, you are in a high pressure sales environment and may be heavily persuaded to purchase something you normally wouldn't get. Also, they only have a short amount of time with you, so sometimes it can feel like their rushing to complete your make-up. Instead of it being a fun time, you feel stressed out. When you go to me, you'll never feel rushed. I like to make you feel calm and comfortable. We're on your time table.

Secondly, I'm nice! :D What do I mean? Have you ever felt like when you go to the make-up counter or store that it takes forever for someone to help you or the sales associate just ignores you? It makes you feel awful and unimportant. When you're in my chair, it's all about you! You are important to me and I want you to feel comfortable.

Third, although they claim they sanitize their lipsticks by swiping the top layer with an alcohol wipe, how sanitary is that? I don't double dip into my lipsticks. I don't use the same mascara wand from the tube to apply on your lashes. I make sure I don't cross-contaminate so that you don't get someone else's germs.

You have the option of me traveling to your location of choice for your special day. How convenient is that?! You can stay at the comfort of your home or hotel and not have to worry about traveling anywhere to get your make-up done. Less stress for you! You tell me when and where, and I show up with my make-up kit and chair and get to work on you.

Q: Why do you charge so much? Why is everyone charged the same price?

A: To be honest, my fee is in the middle in comparison to other make-up artists in Southern California. My price includes years of experience and ongoing learning. I have years of experience where I've learned what works best for each skin type and skintone. I know what works best on your wedding day to ensure that your make-up will last all day and night. I have learned the best ways to cover up acne and scarring without it looking cakey and overdone.

I am always going to make-up seminars and classes to learn the newest trends and different techniques from other make-up artists. Although I am self-taught, I did attend Cinema Makeup School and completed their Master's Program which covered the whole make-up spectrum, from beauty to fashion to special effects.

I charge one price for everyone because I spend the same time on every client. I use the same set of skills on every person who sits in my chair. You may be the bridesmaid, but you're important too! I only spend a little more time on my brides because they are the star of the show! I do offer special discounts for parties of 4 or more.

Q: I found someone cheaper, isn't it all the same make-up anyway? Aren't all make-up artists the same?

A: Yes, you can definitely find someone cheaper, but you know the saying: You get what you pay for.

Most of the "cheaper" makeup artists out there use cheap makeup brands. I'm not saying drugstore brands are bad because you can find some really good drugstore products, BUT, I invest and use high-end makeup brands, and most are brands only professional makeup artists know of or use. These pro brands are better quality and lasts longer.

Not all make-up artists are the same. Each individual artist has their own style. I am light-handed and I gravitate towards the more natural make-up. I can definitely do dramatic and glam make-up but I'm not a big fan of the over-contoured face. Don't get me wrong, I think the outcome is perfection but in my opinion, it's too much make-up and is unnecessary. Make-up is supposed to enhance not caked on, but to each her own.

I listen to what you envision and make it come to life. I may have some suggestions on what will better work for you, but I never go beyond what you're comfortable with. I've had many clients come to me because they didn't like their previous make-up trial or application. They've told me that the make-up artist didn't listen to what they wanted and either used too much make-up or applied colors the client hated. They ended up going home and taking off the makeup they've already paid for and reapplying their own makeup for their event. I talk you through the whole process and always ask for your preferences. I want you to be happy.

And lastly, I do contracts. Contracts? Yes, contracts. This is my way of promising you that I will be there on our agreed time and date. Most non-professional makeup artists won't have this option for you, so you won't know if they'll even show up.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: I am a make-up artist. Although I will occasionally do hair for photo shoots, I refer my bridal clients to hairstylists I work with. The reason is because I love to focus and spend all my energy on the bride/client's makeup. I don't want to rush my process.

My make-up service includes full-face application (color correction, eye make-up, foundation) with false lashes and the option of airbrush foundation.

Q: Why hire a make-up artist? I can do it myself or I know someone who does her make-up really pretty.

A: You're right. You can definitely do it yourself, but the question is: should you?

I've been doing make-up for weddings for quite some time now, and not one bride regret getting their make-up done professionally. I've only heard of how happy they are that they didn't need to stress over doing their own make-up (and I've had several brides who are great at doing their own make-up). When you hire a professional make-up artist, it's for luxury, pampering and convenience. You are treated like a movie star or celebrity on your wedding day.

Your face is what everyone will be staring at during your whole wedding day. Not only that, it'll be in your pictures and video forever. Shouldn't your face be a priority? Hiring a pro artist will ensure that your face is picture-ready and perfect. Brides invest so much time and money on the perfect dress and venue, finding a pro artist shouldn't be last on your list or something to just think about.

There is a big difference between a pro make-up artist and someone who does make-up really well. Make-up enthusiasts do their make-up well on themselves because they do it on themselves everyday. Practice does make perfect! But here's the problem: just because they can do it on themselves doesn't mean they can do make-up on other people. Pro make-up artists have years of experience on various eye shapes and faces, different skin tones and skin conditions. Also, make-up enthusiasts will most likely only have their personal make-up kit and not have a separate one for clients. Using their own personal kit on others is unsanitary!

Have you ever done your make-up for a special event and you look back at the pictures and think you looked washed out? Pro make-up artists know how to strategically place make-up so your facial features stand out in pictures. We'll make sure your features are defined.

Hiring a professional make-up artist will be a well-worthy investment. You won't regret it when you look back at your pictures.

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