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FAQs (Page 2)

Q: I found someone cheaper, isn't it all the same make-up anyway? Aren't all make-up artists the same?


A: Yes, you can definitely find someone cheaper, but you know the saying: You get what you pay for.  


Most of the "cheaper" make-up artists out there use cheap make-up brands.  I'm not knocking down drugstore brands because you can find some really good products for cheap, BUT, I invest and use high-end make-up brands, and most are brands only professional make-up artists know of or use.  These pro brands are better quality and longer lasting.


No, not all make-up artists are the same.  Each individual artist has their own style.  I am light-handed and I gravitate towards the more natural makeup.  I can definitely do dramatic and glam make-up but I'm not a big fan of the over-contoured face.  Don't get me wrong, I think the outcome is perfection but in my opinion, it's too much makeup and unnecessary.  Make-up is supposed to enhance but to each her own.


I listen to what you envision and make it come to life.  I may have some suggestions on what will better work for you, but I never go beyond what you're comfortable with.  I've had many clients come to me because they didn't like their previous make-up trial or application.  They've told me that the make-up artist didn't listen to what they wanted and either used too much make-up or applied colors the client hated.  They ended up going home and taking off the make-up they've already paid for and reapplying their own make-up for their event.  I talk you through the whole process and always ask for your preferences.  I want you to be happy.


And lastly, I do contracts.  Contracts? Yes, contracts.  This is my way of promising that I will be there on our agreed time and date.  Most non-professional makeup artists won't have this option for you, so you won't know if they'll even show up.


Q: What services do you offer?


A: I am a make-up artist.  Although I will occasionally do hair for photo shoots, I refer my bridal clients to hairstylists I work with.  I want to focus and spend all my energy on the bride/client's make-up.  I don't want to rush my process.


My make-up service includes full-face application (color correction, foundation and eye makeup) with false lashes and the option of airbrush foundation.


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