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FAQs (Page 3)

Q: Why hire a make-up artist? I can do it myself or I know someone who does her make-up really pretty.


A: You're right. You can definitely do it yourself, but the question is: should you?


I've been doing make-up for weddings for quite some time now, and not one bride regret getting their make-up done professionally.  I've only heard how happy they are that they didn't need to stress over doing their own make-up (and I've had several brides who are great at doing their own make-up).  When you hire a professional make-up artist, it's for luxury, pampering and convenience.  You are treated like a movie star or celebrity on your wedding day.  


Your face is what everyone will be staring at during your whole wedding day.  Not only that, it'll be in your pictures and video forever.  Shouldn't your face be a priority? Hiring a pro artist will ensure that your face is picture-ready and perfect.  Brides invest so much time and money on the perfect dress and venue, finding a pro artist shouldn't be last on your list or something to just think about.


There is a big difference between a pro make-up artist and someone who does make-up really well.  Make-up enthusiasts do their make-up well on themselves because they do it on themselves everyday.  Practice does make perfect! But here's the problem: just because they can do it on themselves doesn't mean they can do make-up on other people.  Pro make-up artists have years of experience on various eye shapes and faces, different skin tones and skin conditions.  Also, make-up enthusiasts will most likely only have their personal make-up kit and not have another for clients.  Using their own personal kit on others is unsanitary!

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